Scoreland – Jenni Noble – A Hot Date For A Hot Girl


Scoreland – Jenni Noble – A Hot Date For A Hot Girl
Released: January 7, 2022
Jenni Noble and Milan get back from their date and go straight to the bedroom. Jenni tells Milan how flexible she is. Milan wants to see, and fortunately for him, Jenni is a very accommodating girl. Jenni gets into bed and pulls her legs back, holding her ankles in the air like she’s posing for a photo. She’s wearing a miniskirt and crotchless panties so Milan is getting one hell of a show. Jenni enjoys seeing Milan’s reaction to her pussy and bush…

He asks if he can take a lick or two. Jenni’s on board for that. Milan and Jenni both rub her pussy. He’s fascinated by Jenni’s big natural tits. Jenni takes one breast out of her top and bra and jiggles it to show how soft and pliable it is. Milan sucks on the nipple. While he’s doing that, Jenni feels his package. They smooch and return their attention back to Jenni’s tits. They take both boobs out so Milan can play with them. From behind Jenni, he tugs and pulls them, feeling how soft her skin is. Jenni whips Milan’s pants off, eager to see his cock. She’s impressed by the size and girth, a big cock for a girl with big, juicy tits. She happily sucks on his shaft and balls and crushes his package between her tits. She gets on her back to get her tits fucked. Milan spreads Jenni’s legs wider while she’s on her back, pulls her panties to the side, takes one more lick then rubs his shaft along her pussy lips. He squeezes his rod into her tight hole, making her legs tremble. Her body quivers as he dicks Jenni down. She sucks her own nipples and squeezes them as they fuck, knowing that’s a big turn-on.

Date: January 8, 2022
Actors: Jenni Noble

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