Kiss Me / Fuck Me – Maddy May – House Rules


Kiss Me / Fuck Me – Maddy May – House Rules
Released: January 10, 2022
On a calm morning, Maddy May and Seth Gamble lie in bed and exchange a tender kiss. They’ve finally moved into their new house, and it’s their first morning together. As they hold each other, they reflect on how nice it’ll be to not live with roommates anymore and finally have a bit of privacy. Maddy won’t have to worry about walking around the house naked anymore for one, or bothering the other tenants with the sounds of her orgasms.

They playfully list a few house rules for their new life together. Maddy suggests that all chores should be done in the nude. Seth likes that but counters that they should simply NEVER wear clothes in the house for as long as they live there.

Maddy LOVES that. Why not start now? She takes off her bra, revealing her plump breasts. Seth can’t help but massage them tenderly, locking eyes with Maddy. The mood is perfect. They make out passionately, tongue-in-mouth, while rubbing and kissing each other’s bodies, starting this new chapter of their lives with a morning they’ll never forget.

Date: January 11, 2022
Actors: Maddy May

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