Black Ambush – Jasmine Wilde


Black Ambush – Jasmine Wilde
Released: April 17, 2021
“Oh my do you see that ass? Oh I’m going to fuck the shit out of her,” says Isiah Maxwell as he watches sexy Jasmine Wilde undress with his Ambush Cam for white boy “Director” Jake out in the living room. So we find out that Jasmine’s been with one black guy before but I guarantee she’s never had a bigger dick than Isiah Maxwell’s man meat. Just watch her post shoot confessional for a list of all her sins of the day because she’s been a naughty girl…

So Jasmine’s fresh off her ExCoGi debut were Jake fucked the living shit out of this newbie and if you missed it this girl’s name is very fitting of her. And yes you guessed it. Jasmine likes it rough, kinky and wild. The wilder the better the fucking for this one, which is just up our alley. The black ambush alleyway that is and after Jake sets the ambush of Jasmine by telling her she’s back to fuck him again? She’s led down the ambush alley were her BBC surprise awaits. But it’s no surprise for Isiah since we’ve setup him up with his own personal Ambush cam on my cell phone so he can see all the hot action live as it’s undressing and gulping down hard cock. This girl loves sex and it shows. The dicking you ask? Well these are the things that legends are made of. And just incase anyone’s wondering, I’m very much aware, painfully aware in fact, of the audio issues during the ambush BJ; and like all our scenes it’s shot in a one take format with no re-do’s. We don’t do fake setups or any shit like that so sometimes things happen and we all just have to deal with it. Anyways, sit back and enjoy the awesomely fantastic sex that is Black Ambush and enjoy Jasmine Wilde everyone. Isiah and Jake most certainly did.

Date: April 18, 2021
Actors: Jasmine Wilde

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